David B.

My name is David Bond and you fixed my left knee about a year ago. When I came to you I was depressed, because I could not pursue my passion of triathlon or do simple things without pain like play catch with my sons. It all hurt.

You fixed my torn meniscus and perforated my worn patella. Probably just another day for you, but for me it was important.

Last Sunday I completed my 5th Ironman triathlon in Canada. After my 112 mile bike ride I started a marathon. At about mile 22 I thought about all that I had been through physically, including the knee surgery, and I was thankful that I only felt muscular pain. I thought of you and wanted to thank you.

(By the way, it took me 10 hours and 22 minutes to complete. I came in 5th place in my age group. All in all, a good experience.)

This morning I found out that my colleague, Phil Gallant, was going to see you for his shoulder and I realized that I had the opportunity to thank you. So, thank you. Thank you for making me feel better. Thank you for giving me the change to pursue my passion and play baseball with my sons again.

Meet Dr. Tchejeyan

Dr. Tchejeyan is Fellowship-trained in Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine. He trained in New York with the world-renowned Insall Scott Kelly Institute where he assisted the team doctors for the Knicks and Yankees. He currently practices in Southern California specializing in Orthopaedic Surgery, Hip and Knee Replacement, Sports Medicine, Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) / Navigation, and Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).

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