Renee, I think you already have an orthopedic surgeon but wanted to pass along this information just in case. Gail, I know that you are also having some knee problems so wanted to include you as well.

The doctor who did my dad's second knee replacement was wonderful. His name is Dr. Tchejeyan. He practices at Los Robles hospital in Thousand Oaks and has his office right next to the hospital. A friend of my mother's just had a hip replacement and he was her doctor. My mother has been taking her for physical therapy to George Erb here in Camarillo. The physical therapist told my mother that they have had accident victims who have been put together piece by piece by this doctor and that he is wonderful.

My mother has another friend who used to be a nurse on the floor of Los Robles and new heads up employee heath at the hospital. She told my mother that "he is the best."

Also, after my dad's knee surgery, the Los Robles Nursing Association came out for follow-up home visits. They told my dad that Dr. Tchejeyan was one of the best doctors at Los Robles.

Doctor Tchejeyan's phone number is 805-495-3687.

Just wanted to pass this along in case you might be able to use the information at some point.

It was great seeing you and the rest of our group last night! Renee, thank you for the chocolates!

P.S. Dr. Tchejeyan also "patched up" my brother, Steve's, shattered ankle several years ago. Steve now runs marathons and competes in Triathlons.

Meet Dr. Tchejeyan

Dr. Tchejeyan is Fellowship-trained in Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine. He trained in New York with the world-renowned Insall Scott Kelly Institute where he assisted the team doctors for the Knicks and Yankees. He currently practices in Southern California specializing in Orthopaedic Surgery, Hip and Knee Replacement, Sports Medicine, Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) / Navigation, and Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).

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