Mary Q.

Well, we speech pathologists are a communicative breed, but not many write personal notes. According to Nicole at physical therapy, I'm already at 135 degrees and "doing great". Everyone has admired your surgical expertise and the scar is not so noticeable.

I'm doing my Physio regularly in earnest 3x wk. and today my knee feels "more normal" than ever. I even bought a pair of "Mephisto" walking shoes for England / Scotland trip in early October. I guess I'll set off x-ray alarms in the airport?? Do you give special "cards" to alert them?? Ha!

I appreciate skills of doctors and surgeons, especially my Canadian grandfather, who graduated from Toronto Medical School in 1904, "eye, ear, nose, throat". He was a grand old guy, smoked cigars and played a harmonica.

Have a great week - THANKS for making me feel so much better.

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Dr. Tchejeyan is Fellowship-trained in Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine. He trained in New York with the world-renowned Insall Scott Kelly Institute where he assisted the team doctors for the Knicks and Yankees. He currently practices in Southern California specializing in Orthopaedic Surgery, Hip and Knee Replacement, Sports Medicine, Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) / Navigation, and Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).

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